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Commercial FlexLease

Customized Solutions

- Tailored for beginning companies as well as established corporations

  • Our experts structure each program based on your individual, company, or partnership needs

- Unlimited mileage programs with residuals as low as 1% and flexible terms

- All makes and models both new and pre-owned

- Nationwide Delivery

  • From 1 vehicle to 100, we can bring them to you

Commercial Lease Advantages

- Maximize tax benefits for the company

- Minimize capital outlay (zero down in most cases)

- Increase Company Value by establishing credit/lines

  • Leasing appears as a company expense (not a debt)
  • The Autoflex Personal Guarantor program does not affect the guarantors personal credit or their ability to borrow or invest
  • Apply Now - http://autoflex.com/apply-online-business

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